BREMTEC Pro Series Rear Brake Pads XR5 Turbo Focus

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Focus XR5 Turbo Bremtec Pro Series Rear Brake Pads

Fast Road / Track / Heavy duty application

All Bremtec Pro-Series brake pads are manufactured using Positive moulding technology.


This process has been adopted by many original equipment (O.E.M) manufacturers.


The key benefits of positive moulding is that the press directs heat and pressure to each cavity separately to insure consistent compressibility when forming the brake pad. 


Compressibility is a key factor in brake noise reduction. 


The Friction formulations used in this process also requires less resin material, resulting in a more robust brake pad that resists heat fade for better performance. 


By maintaining consistent friction compressibility Bremtec Pro-Series will operate quieter and have a better brake pedal feel.